• Secure Medical Communication Systems

  • DBridge - free corporative Multiplatform Communicator and
    Medical Data Router (OpenPGP, SMTP, POP3/IMAP)

    Due to security reasons and privacy protection, there is always problems to exchange data with partners outside a clinic, for consultations or special care.

    The DBridge software solves these problems in a legal and convenient way.

    It is aimed at communicate with e-mail. servers to send or receive information in special formats such as DICOM and to automate main procedures for performing data flows. It can automatically transfer data to special equipments or other users (data routing) using e-mails. Processing of the information is a deal of a receiver.

    Security of transactions is provided by SSL connections between e-mail servers. Data from CT, MRI and US scanners are stored in DICOM 3.0 format. Data in other formats can be attached by a user. The messages are encrypted using OpenPGP. This guarantees observance of legal regulations of relationships with patients and information protection.

    Key Features:
  • DICOM data collecting over clinical networks;
  • automatic routing data from any DICOM compliant medical device or workstation to receivers;
  • automatic receiving data from senders;
  • automatic encryption/decryption;
  • transferring data to clinical DICOM servers;
  • availability for Windows, Linux and MacOS X platform;
  • multiple languages are supported;
  • it is free. Free means free;
  • flexibility. New features can be added on a demand.