• Ultrasound Archiving and Telemedicine System

  • Augustus/TeleBridge is a general flexible system for archiving, analysing, report generating and secure communicating in Echocardiography. The main advantages are higher flexibility and simplicity for medical staff.

    Key Features:
  • can work as a plugin to another PACS or CIS/HIS subsystem;
  • has a modular structure, that can be configured for end-user needs;
  • supports post-measurements;
  • imports automatically measurements carried out on a scanner using Strucured Report;
  • includes a diagnosing decision tree;
  • follows recommendations of American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) Committee;
  • flexible report generation, including images, charts, plots, tables and text;
  • can be configured for othopaedics needs too.

  • To go to a sister product CAESAR (CArdiac Event Synchronising Analysator), click here