• Optical Measurements

  • CShoot - is a long-range optical measurement system.

    The system is used for estimating lights profiles for optimal load of transportation. It consists of a mobile PC with attached two digital cameras, a synchronisation board, a video camera and an accumulators pack, as well as a reference marker frame with four colour markers. Coordinates of the centre of each marker of the frame are calculated by each camera and 3D scene are reconstructed. Every object into the scene can be measured and relative distances between these objects are calculated and stored into a data base to being later processed.


  • Synchronized digital cameras with high level of signal/noise rate;
  • Recognition of colour markers (increases robustness);
  • Live video for scene observation;
  • Special designed image format (CSL/CSR) to store also system information and geodesic information about measured objects;
  • Distance to measured objects 8-20 m;
  • Accuracy of measurements < 20 mm;
  • Service staff 1 person.