• Utrasound Tracking and Diagnostic Systems

  • Measuring patientís anatomy for diagnosing purposes and tracking bony surfaces in the operation room is carrying out using a combination of a conventional PC, a tracking system (position sensor) and ultrasound hardware.

    UOnNavigator - is a new generation of Augmented Reality Ultrasound devices for orthopaedics.

    The system is an alternative to X-ray imaging to obtain three-dimensional images of the surfaces of bone structures, All investigations are inexpensive, riskless and reproducible, the images taken from the ultrasound device and processed in real time, represent bone surfaces and can be used for a variety of applications in orthopaedics.

    Ultrasound Fracture Analysator - here the diagnosing injures of extremities without implementation of ionising radiation is a focus.
    No traditional tracking system is used to extend 2D information into 3D. A precise mechatronics system is applied for the task of ultrasound image acquisition. Bone contours are reconstructed in 3D and analysed for damages or deformities.

    Key Features:
  • the system is non-invasive, contactless (painless);
  • it helps many cases to avoid radiation exposure for the patients;
  • It increases also the quality of sonographic examinations of injured extremities through precise positioning and implementation of augmented reality to the echo imaging technology.